The Household Bin price varies, depending on which plan is available in your area. 

  • To see what price plans are available in your area, click on the following links.  
    Dublin City Council   South Dublin County Council   Fingal County Council   Galway City Council  All prices are inclusive of VAT. 
  • You have the option of paying by month or an annual upfront fee.
  • Your price plan is made up of a service charge and a pay-by-use charge.  
  • The City Bin Co. operates a ‘Fair Usage Policy’ (FUP) with many of our household price plans. This means that you are entitled to a monthly kilogram allowance on selected bins, after which you will be charged if you exceed this threshold. But don’t worry, most customers will comfortably operate within this weight allowance and will not incur additional charges.
  • Once you’re happy to proceed with your preferred price plan, you just need your bank account details (IBAN) or credit card details ready to set up your payment method.
  • When you sign up you can receive a free weekly text reminder, the evening before your bins are scheduled to be collected, telling you what bin(s) to leave out.
  • You will also receive a monthly usage report (Bindex), which shows you the amount of kgs for each waste type (general waste, recycling, and organic) that you generated.
  • And – as a Household Bin customer, you are entitled to a10% discount on our skip hire prices.

The City Bin Co. prides itself on having no hidden charges. You simply receive a guaranteed, hassle-free service, for a great price.