What happens if I miss a Household Bin payment? What happens if I miss a Household Bin payment?

What happens if I miss a Household Bin payment?

First of all, don't worry – it can happen for a number of reasons, such as expired card details etc. A quick step-by-step of the process is as follows:

  • You will be notified by SMS if you miss a payment.
  • A secure link will be provided allowing you to pay online within 5 days. Your account remains active during this time.
  • If your bill remains unpaid after 5 days, you will receive a second SMS informing you that payment must be made within the next 24 hours, to ensure a continuation of your service.
  • If the bill remains unpaid after this time, you will receive a final SMS informing you that our system has placed your account on hold.
  • Your bins will not be emptied while your account is on hold.
  • Please note that if you have new card or bank details (different from those that you originally signed up with), you will need to contact our customer centre on 1800 24 89 24 to inform our Customer Centre team of any updates/changes. Your new details must be saved to your account so that they can be used for future payments.

How do I get my Household Bin account reactivated?

  • You should call our Customer Centre team on 1800 24 89 24 (during working hours) to pay any outstanding bills.
  • Payments must be made at least 24 hours in advance of your collection day to ensure services are restored in time for your weekly collection.