Card Processing Changes / Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Card Processing Changes / Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Card Processing Changes / Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is an extra layer of security banks introduced in 2021 to make online card payments safer. As part of the ongoing rollout of the SCA regulations, higher security standards for recurring payments will start to be strictly enforced from the 8thMarch 2022. The purpose of these additional regulations is to ensure that only payments that have been specifically authorised for recurring payments (such as monthly payments) can be processed. A full explanation can be found here:

At The City Bin Co., we have been continuously working with our payments processing partner, Global Payments, to ensure that all our payments are processed in line with current regulations and follow the highest security standards in order to minimize any impact this could have on our customers. However, it is possible that in certain cases a recurring payment transaction may be declined due to the bank’s new SCA enforcement rules simply because the bank is trying to verify that the payment is authorised under the new regulations.

For example, you may have a card on file with us for the last number of years with no issues, but your bank may see the transaction as needing verification/authorisation. This is no reflection on your account, just a way to make sure your card security is as strong as possible.

But don’t worry, we will always let you know if that happens and how to resolve the issue for the next payment. If your payment fails due to SCA you will receive an email notification – at that point you can contact our Customer Centre to make the payment quickly and securely over the phone, which will then authorise your card for future payments. The email will also include a secure link, which you can use to update to Direct Debit details instead, which we recommend to avoid any issues in future.

If you have any questions, you can call us on Freephone 1800 24 89 24 or 091 787800, and you can also email